Research on DIY biology

In 2015/16 I did my masters thesis in Sociology about activity around a DIY biology community. This page is for sharing the thesis as well as various resources I accumulated during the process. The thesis itself is in Danish. There’s a summary in English.


Et interimistisk heterotopia for videnssamfundet. Version 1.01 (pdf)


Some good presentations and accounts of DIY biology in different genres and media

A comprehensive bibliography of academic literature on DIY biology / biohacking. Per December 2015.

Collection of links on DIY biology hardware (mostly actual building instructions, 3D printing files etc.)

A variety of DIY biology and bio-design projects

A DIY biology Twitter list that I accumulated around the time I wrote the thesis.

Blogposts in Danish:

DIY biologi som socialt fænomen

Gennemgang af forskningslitteraturen om DIY biologi