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13 tweets from my twitterfeed about Twitter changing their favorite-star to a like-heart

Earlier today Twitter made a change in their design from users previously having the ability to press a star in order to ‘favorite’ another tweet to now instead letting us press a heart in order to let us ‘like’ a tweet.

Here are 13 of my favorite reactions to it the reactions I liked the most:

via @claudiakincaid


via @Dymaxion

via @claudiakincaid


via @Infonauten

Translated from Danish: “Where were you when favs became likes”. I had just gotten home sitting my armchair opening my browser not having the slightest clue on what was about to hit me.


A few analytically sound ones:



via @GreatDismal


A couple of more radical takes on the situation:

A rare voice urging us to remain calm:


On a side note it’s actually interesting how seemingly small design changes have come to be a collective concern amongst at least some groups of social media users. In a way I think there are good reasons for it, and that it does reveal an important consciousness about how our scope of ways  of digitally being together are by shaped by the design-decisions of the corporations providing these infrastructures. Let’s talk more about that on some occasion.

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