New(ish) job

At the beginning of this year I got a temporary position at the Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency, which recently turned into a permanent one.

The Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency is the authority responsible for most of the official Danish geodata, including general topographic maps and the Danish elevation model. Since 2013 these have been open data, available for everyone through Kortforsyningen (“The Map Supply”). Simultaneously the agency is doing a lot of work in developing the cross-public data-infrastructure (i.e. standardization, governance, online distribution platforms) supporting the digitization of public administration.

I’m working at an office doing policy development, sketching out new potential directions in which the agency could expand it’s endeavor. Among other things this is based on trying to asses how geodata and data-infrastructure can help other public organizations function more efficiently and make better decisions. Thus the office takes upon itself a kind of broker-role mediating between the technical expertise of the agency, analyses of potentials of data and digitization in public administration and broader policy initiatives.

So far the job – which is my first after finishing my masters in the fall –  is exciting, and I’m happy for the chance to simultaneously learn a lot about  technical, bureaucratic and political matters.

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