Some thoughts on writing this blog

To some extend this post is within a genre that I generally thinks it’s best to avoid: The self-thematizing blogpost. It’s a classical and quite prevalent genre. Bloggers writing about being bloggers, about not blogging as much as they’d like to, about not knowing what to blog about, about what they imagine that they’ll blog about in the future. I remember the first time I made a blog, about six years ago, starting out writing about cool web 2.0 tools, the social/political/democratic potentialities of blogging and social media etc. I guess – or at least I think that was what it was like for me then – starting a blog often coincides with a blooming fascination with the medium rather than any actual subject one would like to write about, the only present ideas for something to write about thus being the medium itself. An inwards spiral of self-referentiality is thus initiated. Most likely very boring for everyone else as virgin bloggers aren’t very likely to actually be able to say anything very profound, new or interesting about blogging.
Being aware of all of the above, the reason for writing this is thus all-overriding a part of a solely self-centered, self-indulgent project of lowering the thresholds of self-censorship. Sidetrack: For danish readers, Caspar Eric is a remarkable example of making the lowering of thresholds of self-censorship and allowing the emergence of an hyper self-conscious blog-persona into an almost conceptual project that by over-amplifying these tendencies might actually perhaps take them somewhere else. This is not really an attempt to make that the general direction for this blog, though, thus I hope, I’ll be able to limit the blog-blogging to this post for now.

An occasion for making this post now, is some thoughts on new mutations I plan for/hope will happen to the blog. (By experience, the actual way things happen often ends up betraying these kinds of declarations, but we’ll leave that aside for now).
One thing is that I want to start to try and write in English. So far all posts here have been in danish and maybe I’ll write more danish posts in the future as well, but for now, being in an English-speaking environment (I’m in Santa Cruz, California until next summer) it feels like it makes sense to try and start writing more in English as well. Writing things and publishing them for public access, for me relates to a desire for dialogue and exchange. This can take place just online but in my experience often some of the more interesting things happen in the mixing of online and offline dialogues. Thus blogging is also about the hope that people around me might sometime randomly bump into what I’m writing and be engaged by it and discuss it with me and thereby enabling us to create new ties and thoughts and common changing worlds.
Another aspect of writing in English is also to make it a part of a project – related to being at a English-speaking University – of being better to think with the English language.

Another ambition – that maybe, maybe not will actually be fulfilled – is post things more often. This is a quite recurrent one, I guess. It’s an interesting question though, how to make writing a more integrated part of ones daily practice, and, for my part relating to this blog, how to set up things in a way that makes it feel ok to post things that are not necessarily well-rounded or flawless in any way, but to the contrary can be a lot more tentative and ambivalent (and vulnerable?). The reason for wanting to do this again being the ambition to get into a state of being in exchange with the world around you, experience the resistance or creative building upoen other people might produce in relation to the modes of thought you’ve grown used to taken for granted with yourself.

I have some thoughts about how to enable myself to post more often (especially re-thinking what is enough to count as a post, though at the same time also very much acknowledging the need for some kind of quality criterium. I feel like I need to, however small, make some kind of comment or contribution to whatever I’m writing about or juxtapose something in a novel in order to make it justifiable as a post), but I’d love to hear someone else’s thoughts on the matter as well.
Also, as I’m not a native English speaker and I’d really like to get better, I’d love to get some spanking by some grammar nazis out there, if anyone would ever happen to feel inclined at that.

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